!! OMG, the Beyoncé dancing video to end all Beyoncé dancing videos !!

I know this blog is called OMG blog and everything, but (clever headlines aside!) very few things actually make me say O M G. This did. What else is there to say about it? OMG. OMG.
(Thanks to reader Erin for the tip)

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11 Comments on "OMG, the Beyoncé dancing video to end all Beyoncé dancing videos"

  1. Wow that was hawt! Really! Other than the lack of legs, this boy knows how to work it! The seductive look, sexy body movements…ok, I didn’t pop a boner over it but it was well done.

  2. Anybody that has to deal with what this guy has to and that finds the joy to jump out of bed to dance like Beyonce on video…is beyond amazing. God bless him!

  3. wow!! this dude got some talent!! i cant even do a cartwheel lol!!

  4. I dont know what you guys are looking at… That was just creepy and scary.. I’m gonna hide under the covers now..

  5. Funwithgrindr, I agree with you– I changed the video.

  6. This is freakin’ cool as hell. That boy can move! Wish I could move like that — and I’ve got all my limbs intact. lol
    But I’m with john — the title of the video is dumb/demeaning. The title of the original that Topman posted puts it in its correct light, imo.

  7. he is sooo amazing!!!if i ever whine “i’m tired” when i’m up in the club, ima think of this gem and get back on the dancefloor. inspirational!!!

  8. Actually guys here’s the original video posted by the guy himself (Pedro). But someone has kindly decided to reupload it with the more attention grabbing title to get it more views.

  9. Sad….I could not continue to watch. God bless him to be able to be so happy in his condition. We should count our blessings.

  10. all these questions went through my head as well, john.

  11. Bless his heart, he just wants to be sexy, whatever that is….but what I want to know is how does this video get onto Youtube and they title it GAY CRIPPLED DUDE DANCING TO BEYONCE? Was this put on Youtube by a family member who refers to this guy as GAY CRIPPLED DUDE? Or did this guy make this video for some guy in the army and his buddies stole it and leaked it? I bet it was originally called FOR MY BOO and now it’s known as GAY CRIPPLED DUDE. I bet ELLEN has him on to do that dance, they’ll build him a little stage with a half-pole..

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