!! OMG, this gives me JELLY BELLY: Takashi Murakami’s ‘Jellyfish Eyes’ !!

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Animazing multi-medium artist Takashi Murakami’s directorial debut ‘Jellyfish Eyes’ [Mememe no kurage] tells the story of a young boy who is evacuated from where he lives to a small town and a school where all kids get given a remote control Furby/Tamagotchi-type pal [with monstrous ulterior motives].
One such ‘Poké-pal’ Luxor is like a fat humanoid Falcor, whilst Masashi’s own ‘Friend’ is Kurage-bo [Jellyfish Boy] who was made super cute for the film but originally was meant to be something altogether different, as Takashi told Flavorwire:

“He was almost naked, my original design…he has a big penis or something…and really, you know, smells stinky.”

Erm, ok hon…:s…It being, A BLOOMING CHILDREN’S MOVIE I think somebody smart decided this to be not too appropriate so the design was toned down to look more like an abundance of testicles [much better and far more appropriate of course]!
But fret not you Hentai whores, Murakami has already wrapped on the admittedly darker part 2 which even by his own standards needs custieing up a little. You can KONICHIWATCH the Japanese trailer after the jump.

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