!! OMG, your very own pair of lil’ boot-ons: Little Boot’s ‘Nocturnes’ !!

Little Booties’ record is out “officially” [said through Detox’ blubber duck lips, loudly and firmly] next week, but here at omg we are feeling very much like hungry pop musical bottoms [as in “pop it up there now”]!
Pitchfork knows that we are preparing to fit Little Boots up there so they have provided a set of tuning forks for us to increase our gauge, in preparation for the whole 12 inch when it drops on May 7th.
You can stream the album NOW over at PitchforkAdvance which includes the Andy Butler collab. ‘Every Night’ and my flavourite ‘Shake’ [below].
This record is making pop hamazement, it’s a bunch of Kylie,, a tad Goldfrapp and a smidgen Róisín Murphy and definitely fills a hole left gaping from previous teasers…and if your kankle-hole is too inflamed to ingest it, we suggest you USE A SHOEHORN, you ugly sister!

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