!! OMG, wave wrinkles goodbye: the ‘Facewaver’ exercise mask !!

This young lady looks ever-so-slightly shocked and surprised, I feel awful for her that she has to wear that unsightly head-sleeve until which time her face heals from that atrocious house-fire she was trapped in…what do you mean this isn’t the burns ward it’s the nurses staff room?
Let me re-phrase that; this silly lady has nothing wrong with her other than the fact that she is wearing what looks somewhat like Nicolas Cage’s Face/Off FACIAL FLAP, the “ribbed for her pleasure” version with easy-release Velcro pads which she heard make your wrinkles simply fly away from you; literally, your wrinkles grow tiny-weeny limbs and scamper off!…OR NOT, which is probably the reason why she looks so blooming shocked and surprised, as she’s a nurse and should know better than to spend $60 on what is essentially an OVERSIZED MARIGOLD DISH-WASHING RUBBER GLOVE!
[via oddity]

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2 Comments on "OMG, wave wrinkles goodbye: the ‘Facewaver’ exercise mask"

  1. Elaine’s “FACE BRA” from Ally McBeal. Ring a bell? haha. guess they weren’t so crazy after all.

  2. For a while I wasn’t going to say anything, but enough is enough. I’ve been coming to this site less and less for a while now, and now I’m taking it out of my bookmarks. The writing is so laughably bad, the wit and humor is gone replaced by cliche, catty gay trash. From his writing alone I can tell Duncan is the kind of person that likes his hear himself talk, paying little heed to what’s actually coming from his mouth.
    This blog used to be the best, now it’s tripe and amateur. I’m embarrassed to have had any part of OMGBlog on my twitter/facebook feed. Time to rectify that.

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