!! OMG, WE defo DO: Campaign for Southern Equality !!

“The South will rise again”, no I’m not talking about crazy Fox-fed Confederates with bayonets, this is the Campaign for Southern Equality’s WE DO Campaign.

I am lucky enough to live some place where my marriage is recognised, so it breaks my crumbly, flakey heart to see them old lez-ladies walk up to the counter and get denied their marriage license. It’s simply not fair. I think it’s inhumane treating gays like they are second-class citizens in the twenty-first century.

You can send a wee message of support right HERE…and hopefully some time soon they’ll be able to go back to the counters and say “WE DO!” [or “we doodoo” if they get real excited and can’t quite get the words out]
[via towleroad]

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  1. Nice story.

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