!! OMG, Who Knew: Sandy B. is the new Adolf H.? !!

Confession: for a nominal gossip blogger, I’m not all that interested in celebrity gossip. There’s a reason that Frank does the gossip roundups! I have important work to do (watching cat videos and Telephone parodies all day) and can’t dirty my beautiful mind with this celebrity business.
The salaciousness of the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James scandal has only served to raise my threshold for caring about this shit. If there’s not a Nazi angle, I no longer want to hear about it at all. (Caveat: A homosexual angle obviously kind of works too but that’s about it.) The upshot of this is that if I was ever interested in Tiger Woods, I’m certainly not anymore; get back to me when it’s revealed that either Tiger or Elin is a Nazi and I’ll consider reconsidering.
The definitive Sandra-Jesse-Nazi coverage is of course to be found at DListed, where Michael K is doing such brilliant work that I’m not even bothering to compete. However, the staunch women of Jezebel have recently gotten into the game with a real scoop, dropping the bombshell that Sandra Bullock– previously assumed to be an innocent victim of Jesse James’s philandering– may basically be the second coming of Hitler himself:

[Although] I really like the idea of doing tequila shots and singing along to classic rock with Sandy B. at a dive bar somewhere… I’d really prefer not to consider another obvious angle on Jesse James’ overwhelming jackholery in the context of his marriage: the whole “birds of a feather” thing. So I can certainly understand why people are reluctant to say, “Hey, is it just me, or have we reached the point where it’s reasonable to wonder if Sandra Bullock kinda digs the Nazi scene herself?”

But, you know… is it just me, or have we reached that point?

While many might suggest that this opinion is completely preposterous, I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a Nazi sympathizer myself. Having enjoyed the film Speed, I know that I’m already on shaky ground here– birds of a feather and all that! I am therefore withholding judgment for the moment. But you can head on over to Jezebel and evaluate this alarming wrinkle for yourself! (Jezebel’s follow-up post can be found here.)

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2 Comments on "OMG, Who Knew: Sandy B. is the new Adolf H.?"

  1. The post on Jezebel is full of so much ignorance it isn’t even funny. Maybe the person who posted that should have taken the time to research Sandra’s past history. To imply that she was OK with his “supporting Nazis”, or that she herself does…is ludicrous. Sadly, I’ve seen many people do the Hitler salute and whatever else and think it’s funny. It doesn’t mean they support it…it’s just bad taste and disrespectful on their part.

  2. I hate Jezebel so much! I’m all for feminism but they just have a way for grating my tits! They are like the PeTA of the internet. Horrid slags who have to misconstrue every fucking thing into a sexist act.

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