!! OMG Don’t Get Fooled: Jennifer Aniston unlikely lez, Ricky Martin still gay !!

I’m not going to be doing an April Fool’s post here at OMG Blog, partially because I can never remember what date it is and partially because I’m an April Fool’s Grinch. But I will gleefully point out the mayhem taking place on the rest of the internet! For instance: Blind Gossip posted an item this morning which obviously implied an insane love game in which Brad Pitt was gay cheating on Angelina Jolie with George Clooney while Angie, in retaliation, was gay cheating with none other than woman scorned Jenny Aniston herself! Yes, it’s confusing just to think about. Probably because it’s not true!
It does have a few things going for it: although Brad’s boner for George is a matter of constant speculation– and although Angelina has been known to get lickly— we all know that if Jenny ever runs into Angelina on the street she’ll be too busy stubbing her Merits out in A-Jo’s eyeballs to lick her cooch.
But despite the fact that the item is a transparent April Fool’s joke, several websites have already gotten snared by the gag, reposting it as if it was for real. This is how rumors start, guys!
Oh, also, I’m pretty sure that Ricky Martin has not reneged on his gaiety so you can stop e-mailing me about it. (Though, as always, I appreciate your tips.)
Happy April Fool’s day, I guess. Stay vigilant! If I were you I might just stay off the internet entirely.

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