!! OMG, Who’s Afraid of…: Lawrence Rothman’s ‘Montauk Fling’ ? !!

Featuring black paint splatter booties and a The Knife-esque steel drum solo section, Lawrence Rothman’s debut single see’s him as “deranged Elizabeth Taylor” at The Chateau Marmont accompanied, and visibly disturbed by a couple of twisted sisters who give the video a LA Lynchian feel.
The video for ‘Montauk Fling’ was directed by photographer Floria Sigismondi who recently shot David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ and is set to release Rothman’s single on her new label Mama Roma tomorrow.
[via nowness]

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1 Comment on "OMG, Who’s Afraid of…: Lawrence Rothman’s ‘Montauk Fling’ ?"

  1. This nowness player thing sucks. It always plays its audio on the main page by itself but just the audio… and if I start playing the video it has its own audio so I dont even understand how it works… Btw the Kylie one did it too and its a bit annoying sometimes.
    I like this song though. X)

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