!! OMG, you better learn it: Amanda’s alphabet !!

Disco queen/model/gay icon/probably-trannie Amanda Lear has reinvented herself several times over the decades, but who knew she reinvented the entire alphabet?

“Because time goes on and things are changing in my world, here is a new alphabet for the children of my generation.”

“C stands for claustrophobia, and D for dirty old men.”

“Naturally, M is for me, and N is for never again!”

(Thanks to Brendan J. for the tip!)
After the jump, see Amanda do performances dressed liked a pirate (Complete with eye patch), and then as a mermaid.

Pirate Amanda has the fever:

Mermaid Amanda sings “Ho Fatto L’Amore Con Me” (translated “I made love to myself”):

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1 Comment on "OMG, you better learn it: Amanda’s alphabet"

  1. Oh. My. God. She’s my new obession. This is brilliant!! The words she picks are so ridiculous, but it’s really all about the disco dance break between “I” and “J”!

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