!! Rachael Ray hates you and me !!

And if you needed some proof of what a phony bitch she is, it’s in the above photo. My hatred of overpaid shill Rachael Ray is well-documented, but I was pleased to find a kindred spirit today on the Internet in fellow blogger Jackie Beat, whose cutting sermons I often find myself nodding along to, whispering “Amen, sister.” A sample:

But the most annoying part is that [Rachael] always takes a bite of her food and moans like it’s the best thing she’s ever had in her mouth (further proof she ain’t gettin’ any cock!). I have never — NEVER — heard her say anything even remotely negative or even neutral for that matter.

Jackie makes the brilliant hypothesis that Rachael has never had sex, which makes sense, especially when you think about those naughty photos she shot for FHM that managed to be completely unsexy and also vulgar to the point that I wanted to gag myself with a wooden spoon.

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3 Comments on "Rachael Ray hates you and me"

  1. I dont know who’s more of a loser, Rachel Ray, or you, who asked Rachel Ray for a photo…its the fuckin Food Network, ya douche. No wonder she has her fake smile on. I would too.
    “lady, I make 30 minute meals, stop bothering me”

  2. Cooking with Rachael Ray: Coney Island Stew

    From the good folks at Rachael Ray Sux comes this delightful recipe for Coney Island Stew. It’s comforting and greasy, but most of all it’s SO EASY. Excerpted from Rachael Ray’s personal cookboook: Once around the pan with EVOO extra virgin olive oil….

  3. jackie beat is the shit shizle of the universe. i love her. it use to bother me that she became so beautiful and thin. she kind of pulled a belinda carlise.
    however, this bitch did not loose her edge…not one fucking iota of it.
    i want to be her assistant when she becomes the superstar she is destined to be.
    jack jett

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