!! The iGallop is not just for strippers !!

It’s for regular folks too. The OSIM iGallop promises to tone your abs, butts, legs, and maybe crush your balls in the process. Maybe we should get our minds out of the gutter, but something just ain’t right about this thing. (via Popgadget)
Check out some video demos of this brilliant new exercise machine after the jump.

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1 Comment on "The iGallop is not just for strippers"

  1. I Know It Sounds Bad, But I Totally Rode One

    iGallop (Not Just For Strippers).

    The thing was on display in the window of the local Brookstone, at the Fashion Valley mall, of all places to be seen riding such a thing. I was with the lovely Betty, who wouldn't go near it, but of cou…

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