!! OMG, watch and play: Seeking David Boreanaz !!

Seeking David BoreanazFor about a year now, we’ve all surrendered to our screens. Between working from home on our laptops, connecting with friends over video chat, and scrolling through social media, the pandemic has strengthened our relationship with the Internet and the communities it cultivates and provides space for. Some might argue that behind the screen is where we are most vulnerable.

Seeking David Boreanaz, a new interactive web series by Victoria Pandeirada (@victoriapand) and Rachel Davies (@rachelcomplains) explores these vulnerabilities through screen recordings of video chats, emails, and various web activity. It follows the online footprints of two individuals who are joined together through a subreddit about the show Bones, with Choose Your Own Adventure-style navigation.

Check it out here, and click “series” to start!

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