!! OMG, The Walking Dead stands behind its gay characters after homophobic viewer comments !!

Jelani Alladin and Nico Tortorella play a same-sex couple on The Walking Dead spin-off show. Alladin spoke about his on-screen relationship on the Talk Dead To Me podcast this week.

“It’s two men who happen to be in love,” he said. “There was no kind of need to explain anything further and I love that The Walking Dead is kind of putting that forward, that LGBTQ relationships are nothing different than any other kind of relationship. They have the same struggles, they have the same complexities, they get mad at each other, they love each other just as hard.”

The interview prompted a bunch of negative responses. One person said:

“Looks kinda forced really”

While another added:

“exactly why I ain’t gonna watch this.”

Said a third:

“I don’t like how every character simply HAS TO HAVE A LOVE INTEREST. oh we can’t find a character for you, screw it you’re gay with this guy. just stop. it’s so fake just for added emotional drama.”

A fourth said:

“Never watched the show. But totally uncalled for. Stop making everyone GAY! Stop forcing your agenda onto people.”

And a fifth said:

“Can’t enjoy male gay TV show characters I’m sorry man I can’t do it…”

Check out what the official WALKING DEAD Twitter account had to say in response to these homophobic trolls after the jump! Kudos to them for speaking up.


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8 Comments on "OMG, The Walking Dead stands behind its gay characters after homophobic viewer comments"

  1. All 3 shows have gay characters. Sorry haters but if gays and lesbians can survive this homophobic world, they can survive a zombie apocalypse

  2. MAKE THEM GAYER………………

  3. Well shiiiiit. I almost wish I had watched that show’s five million seasons. 😛

  4. Hello-

    I’m a tad confused. if Tororella now identifies as non-binary how can it
    be a same sex relationship?

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