!! OMG, WATCH: Vic Berger presents The “Best” of Joe Biden and The Clintons !!

Ooof. Genius Vic Berger has compiled some of the most cringe-worthy Joe Biden moments along with some of Bill and Hillary‘s BEST acting clips! Try not to spit out your coffee!

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Vic Berger presents The “Best” of Joe Biden and The Clintons"


  2. Wow… I’ve always liked Berger’s videos up until this one. This is an exact repeat of what got Trump into the White House in the first place. It’s amazing how people just don’t learn. I’m willing to bet Berger is a Sanders supporter… they’re the only ones coming up with crap like this to divide up voters.

  3. Oh this site is not hell bent on Bernie…….yawn……

  4. People don’t come here for the political opinions, you should be careful. I know moving forward I’ll be visiting with an ad blocker.

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