!! OMG, Vic Berger: Trump unfurls the space force flag !!

Wow! That’s really something.

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6 Comments on "OMG, Vic Berger: Trump unfurls the space force flag"

  1. jose manuel | May 28, 2020 at 5:44 pm | Reply

    well the flag is almost Star trek , united Earth

  2. Well over 300,000 US citizens have died from the pandemic…but on the bright side, we have a new flag with a Star Trek logo on it!!!! Yeaaaah!!!

    • 300,000 or 100,000 Citizens have died? I think someone needs to go back to grade school and re-learn his numbers.

      • Its 300,000 in world and 100,000 in America, she mixed up the numbers…I’m assuming. No need to be so toxic Fergus. We’re all human and we all make mistakes, but why do we have to try and make ourselves seem superior by making others feel inferior? Try a little kindness once in a while.

        • Thanks Gemma! Thats exactly what happened…I mixed up the numbers. So refreshing to see someone be kind online for a change!

  3. Why is it that everything this fool does makes him look like a parody of a president in a Mel Brooks movie? Oh right…he’s not a real president, just a bad D list reality TV personality pretending to be one.

    By the way, Mr FAKE president…nice Star Trek logo.

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