!! OMG, get to know her: Nan Goldin in ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ !!

Perhaps, like Cookie, you came across Nan Goldin‘s photography as a baby queer, and were captivated, intrigued, perhaps even a bit scared, by the haunting and candid images she captured of her friends and chosen family.

Could these be drag queens, gay guys, and trans people?! Right here, in the suburban Barnes & Noble, in 1993?!

An artist and activist who used her lens to draw attention to LGBTQ+ subcultures and the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis, Goldin didn’t stop there.

Here more recent work has focused on bringing attention to the Sackler family, famed cultural philanthropists and owners of Purdue Pharma, and holding them publicly accountable for their contributions to the ongoing opioid crisis.

Learn more about it in All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, one of this year’s Oscar nominated documentaries, directed by Laura Poitras. Check out the trailer, after the jump!


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