!! OMG, quote of the day: BATMAN creator Bob Kane spat some pretty homophobic shit, once denounced the comic’s gay fans !!


Back in the year 1967, Paul Sann wrote a book about American fads that included the theory of Batman being gay, and asked Bob Kane, Batman’s creator, to share his thoughts… It did not go well:

“Batman is the epitome of virility and manliness—just the opposite image of the fag,” Kane said.

“Wertham read homosexuality into this thing because I had a man and a boy living in a big house together — in the same bedroom — with just a butler and no female around,” Kane said.

“Even so, I suppose the homosexuals like the TV show because of those tight outfits Adam West and Burt Ward wear,” he continued. “I imagine they sit around watching them on the screen and slap each other on the knees with the sheer joy of it all.”

“But what can you do about that?” he added, explaining he hasn’t figured out a way to stop gay people from enjoying his creation. “I can’t change the characters because they weren’t homos in the first place and because you have to be crazy to fight success.”

EEEGADS BATMAN! While some of us out there can relate to coming from terrible people, we never would have guessed a character fighting for what’s right would be birthed from such a despicable human being! A product of his time, maybe, but gross nonetheless!


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4 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: BATMAN creator Bob Kane spat some pretty homophobic shit, once denounced the comic’s gay fans"

  1. Ahem…okay and ? He said those things in 1967. 50 years ago. Why bring this up again now ? I mean, I honestly wonder your though process about that. What’s the point of the article ? No shade, or whatever lingo we gays use now, I’m genuinely asking what were you excepting ? Is that supposed to discourage people about reading Batman comics ? Or cause a little bit of drama on a slow traffic day ?

  2. if only he took a class in psychology or studied Freud … his artistic drive to make these characters on the surface == sure manly men… underneath … definite homosexual tones — but honestly … WHO FUCKING CARES … it’s art which means everyone sees it differently AND THATS OK

  3. So why even bother to put this story on here? without it, none of us would have ever known or given a shit about this homophobic dick, or even known his name!

    Go back to posting celebrity penises, as you should be doing.

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