!! OMG, Beyonce dance-off! !!

Bedroom dance routines on YouTube are quite common, but sometimes a dancer’s attention to detail is so precise that it warrants special mention. For example, the scantily clad gay in the following video has matched every single piece of choreography in Beyonce’s new “All the Single Ladies” video:

But this little kid dancing to “Irreplaceable” captures the spirit of Beyonce more than any other I have seen:

So who wins this dance-off? Voice your opinion in our poll after the jump!

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16 Comments on "OMG, Beyonce dance-off!"

  1. Why would you feel ashamed of that guy dancing, David? Clearly you must know not all gay ppl are this fem. But is there no room in your lil pathetic life for all kinds? Maybe he’s not even this fem normally (Although I doubt it lol), but wtf if he is? He killed it! I am what you would call “Butch”, and I totally love fem’s that are funny and talented. Can get a bit too much at times, but ashamed? Hell no. To hear a gay guy say: “That is just too gay”, makes me want to beat some sense into you. (I would do that in a lovingly way, of course!) 🙂 Lil kid was cute, but no comp!

  2. goes to show you the diversity in the community. gays come in all packages…btw Beyonce is my favourite artiste of all time.. i’ve never seen the video but i can tell her moves when i see em & i dont think she could have done it better her self… BRAVO to the extremely faggy, creepy yet stangely appealing (maybe its jus bcuz i luv beyonce so much) gay guy on top… as for the little guy, give him a few more years and maybe he’ll be able to top that.

  3. Okay I give it up to the guy who did the dance to dance steps…but what bother me was that he was too…skinny…c’mon your great but I like a average built person dancing to it…bones were showing and make sick and the little kid was cute…How many of you guys did when you were a kid…don’t lie..haha I knew I did…haha but other that Im ku…LOVE BEYONCE!!

  4. thats way too gay. im ashamed of him. im gay but thats awhole other gay. watchin that vid made me sick

  5. i got to give love to my gays, so i am going to have to go with the hot manorexic mess KILLING it to “all the single ladies”…!!!

  6. The kid was cute, the steriotype at the top however made me gouge out my own eyes with a spoon. And I must say, it made the second watch MUCH easier.

  7. Not a fair competition. Sparkle-gay actually did a move-by-move copy of the entire choreography of the video; Little Kid merely lip-synced to the song and writhed around plus a couple of dips a la Beyonce. We all have fagged out behind closed doors like that little boy when we were absolutely certain no one would be watching; it took a bit more talent to do what Sparkle-gay did. So whilst it might not have the cute factor of the kid, it was technically a lot more difficult. And let’s face it, had it been an adult doing what the kid did, it would have just looked sad and pathetic.

  8. there’s no contest. the ‘scantily-clad gay’ is actually pretty wince-inducing. what a stereotype, and not that talented. the little guy gets my vote on this one.

  9. Wow! The guy on top (hehe) was very precise (and made me feel extremely BUTCH!) but the little kid was pretty cute! I loved the chair kick!

  10. Give the little kid 10 years and her will be just like the guy on the top.

  11. Now, what makes you think that scantily clad young man was gay?
    While we’re at it, could somebody buy that poor boy a french fry. There’s skinny and then there’s SKINNY.

  12. Phew! Manorexic Amphetamine Dancer had an early lead but it appears people have come to their senses and given Inspirational Dancing Boy the edge!

  13. the little boy was cute cuz it’s always cute to see little kids get down, but the gay boy killed it.
    luvs it!

  14. Somebdy get that guy a real meal, You could count his ribs and by then end he looked like he was going to faint from exhaustion

  15. one of the most amazing posts ever

  16. OMG, that little boy reminds me of when I was young and used to put a towel on my head so I could have long hair and pretend to be Laurie Patridge playing my pretend keyboards! Watchout! A young homo in the making! LOL! That was the extent of my drag queen days.

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