!! OMG, cooking up crystal: John Hopkins & The Creators Project !!

Paired with segments of microscopic chemical reactions and crystalline developments -in collaboration with biochemist Linden Gledhill and typographer Craig WardJohn Hopkins previews fragments of his upcoming June 4th album entitled ‘Immunity’.
The brief and beautiful album taster menu holds technology-heavy audiovisual explorations as catalysts to bring the viewing listener closer to the aw-inspiration of nature’s progressions.
…or that pink pill that Crusty-Carl gave you last weekend just – kicked – in and you’re tripping out to that Microsoft Excel super grid in your grey plastic booth at work! Wow, that communication developments meeting at 2:40 will be a lot more fun than it otherwise would have been, had it been your usual lunchtime sardine sandwich and accompanying Gala apple surging through your veins instead.

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