!! OMG, God Loves Flags: Westboro’s friendly neighbour, ‘Equality House’ !!

Aaron Jackson, of Planting Peace believes “where there’s hate, there’s also love”, so went ahead and bought a house just across the road from the hate house of Westboro Baptist Church’s head quarters, where Shirley Phelps makes fashion faux-pas’ as quickly as she constructs those hateful placards of hers.
What better way to enrage a tangly hateful hairdo than with a gay-ass rainbow flag paint-job, so Aaron and co got to work turning a tongue-and-groove shack into a rainbow home-sweet-home, which he hopes will now become an HQ of new anti-bullying initiatives. This is what Aaron had to say of his new neighbourly gob-on-a-stick:

“It’s the craziest thing — and it really throws you off — because she’s the type of woman who calls you “hun” and “darling” She’d probably be fun to hang out with.”

Erm, don’t hang out with her, her faded ILL-FITTED BASEBALL CAP SKYPE HEADSET COMBO might rub off on you and in no time you’ll forget to brush your hair and your teeth will start to rot in your mouth [because it’s all full of basic silly shit that you keep saying at people].

“We’re taking the energy that’s being poured into them and turning it into something positive for the [LGBT] community…I know we have a long way to go in fighting bigotry, but we all know the gays are going to win. It’s going to happen.”

[via huffpost]

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