!! OMG, blancmange melange: Juno Calypso as Joyce !!


“If Pedro Almodóvar hadn’t come up with it first I would have really enjoyed calling this project ‘women on the verge of a nervous breakdown’.”

Juno Calypso -apart from having the perfect speed-dating party-host name- plays the part of Joyce; a sort of disenfranchised has-been botch pug-faced pageant girl, who kind of doesn’t know “what-te-deeeee” with herself, and never uses consonants but loves all types of pink; her favourite colour is BLANCMANGE-PINK…for sure-sies.
With names like ‘Reconstituted Meat Slices’ [above], ‘Popcorn Venus’ and ’12 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time’ Calypso’s photographs are serving up some serious XANAX PEACH-MELBA right about now:

“I was thinking of naming the next one Kimberly-Clark, after those hygiene dispensers you get in public toilets.”

Follow the jump to witness the blancmange melange of the remainder of the series.

[via dazed]

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