!! OMG, Xena Warrior Princesses: Ukraine’s Asgarda Girls !!

In 1904 American psychologist G. Stanley Hall said “Adolescence is a new birth”.
Based on the book of the same name by punk author Jon Savage, Matt Wolf’s documentary ‘Teenagers’ premiered at Tribeca film festival last week. It explores the lesser-known teenage subcultures that have emerged since the beginning of the 20th century, the term ‘teenager’ itself only cropping up since the WW2.
Dazed asked Wolf to list his 5 favourite teen tribes, top of the list being Ukraine’s Asgarda Girls.
Described as “Riot grrrls of the Amazon variety” these 150 female students live together in the Carpathian Mountains where look to revive the tribal traditions of the Scythian Amazons of ancient Greek mythology. They train under former Soviet karate master Volodymyr Stepanovytch and practice life skills and sciences as empowered women free from the oppression of men.
Follow the jump to see photographs of the Asgarda Girls…I totes want to be one too, it’s like the Spice Girls, but with a sickles and nunchucks instead of a colour-coordinated sparkly microphones!

[image credit Guillaume Herbaut, 2004]

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