!! OMG, DC’s trans non-binary character has arrived !!

This Valentine’s Day, meet Jules Jourdain (he/they aka Circuit Breaker), DC‘s new character that, according to its author A. L. Kaplan, is “trans, but not super into the binary.”

The Advocate gives a bit of background to the character’s development, and the general move away from “readers know, but no one says,” toward self-identified LGBTQ characters. Read the story here.


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5 Comments on "OMG, DC’s trans non-binary character has arrived"

  1. Trans non binary……. quite the title…

  2. No wonder comic companies are going broke. People want to escape the BS of real life and read about entertaining BS. This just brings the sad, sick real-life BS.

  3. Hello-

    I’m a tad confused. how can someone be both trans and non-binary???

    • For one, non-binary falls under the Trans umbrella. Non-binary can also fall on a spectrum. Some people feel masculine one day, more feminine another, feel neither some days, and equally both some days. Some people can also realize that their physical body/biological sex doesn’t match their primary gender but also have times when they feel as though they have no gender or a non-standard gender as well. Gender is a complex construct that doesn’t always or even really ever need to follow the rules society makes.

  4. It’s in a COMIC BOOK! Which means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING outside of the small following of readers.

    When it’s a character that is NOT on the CW, some Tween-angst Netflix serial, or miserably acted in a Star Trek: Discovery sub-plot, but in a major theatrical release, call me.

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