!! OMG, SHAKE YOUR HABITUAL ASS: The Knife’s ‘STH’ interview !!

Beginning with a mesmeric swingy swing and the footage taken from their album teaser from last December, The Knife’s album ‘interview’ expands upon this very album teaser blurb and their later released album manifesto [also after the jump], questioning systems of fame and school institutions that they see as failed and championing those systems [the ecosystem, the soundsystem] which they still believe can instil change.
Scanning through relatively mundane images [people dancing, birds feeding, doorways and windows, railings and walls], Olof and Karin narrate a new process-heavy-shake-up of old habits:

“we approached each other…through the language of others…and we play…and we played and we played and we played…to let go of what we already knew about music and explore what we didn’t know…letting go…we want to question the knife”

“we used homemade instruments, or played traditional instruments in non-traditional ways and tried to find non-tradional ways of creating traditional sounds…making a bedspring sound like a voice, or a voice sound like a bedspring”

They discuss protest songs [against monarchy and the nuclear family] and the power of safety in collectivism. They use the “commercial homogenisation and extreme hierarchical conservatism” of the music industry as a metaphor for societal shifts in Europe, and set aside their previously worn masks which questioned ideas of “fake tanning” fame and identity, but then became commercial institutions in themselves:

“I think there are no real ‘us’, behind the masks there are other masks”

I’ve popped the video after the jump due to some non-nuclear titty sucking near the end so jump in and SHAKE YOUR HABITUAL ASS !

“it’s time to move…to fall…to fly”

Everybody is always desiring already imagined things.?When we travel between thresholds, people say: “you’re hiding.”?Not everything can be so easily explained.
We have a bellyache, a big stink, a major grouse or two with manufactured knowledge.?But how do you build an album about not knowing??Now your voice is in my throat, floating there…?Often people take pills for these things.?To us the body is no longer psychological.?It’s certainly not a container, we don’t believe in metaphors.?Like dog/wolf–there aren’t many anymore.
Still at twilight something blurs over your shoulder.?Which is it??It’s prickly.
Our hair is out.
We have made some decisions.?We want to fail more, act without authority.?Plus there’s something phlegmatic about the world state don’t you think??There’s a blood system promoting biology as destiny.?A series of patriarchies that’s a problem to the Nth degree.?What about hyper-capitalism, this homicidal class system, the school system that’s kaput??Then there are castles everywhere–look at them fake tanning and signing autographs!
At least there’s one thing we stand behind.?There’s still an ecosystem right? And here’s this sound system.?We dusted it off. Electronic is just one place in the body. We went temporarily acoustic.?We made our own instruments. We took an old bedspring, a microphone and:?”Stay out here…”?Now we’re bending our voices to sound like Emily R., who recorded the track on her cellphone speaker.
No habits!?There are other ways to do things.
Still sometimes it all seems so bad.?Don’t worry we won’t commit Harakiri, stomach cutting or anything like it.?The honor system is corrupt, just another privilege.?Like how it’s a privilege to make an album, to move freely.
We just have to go faster we mean breakneck we mean “like crazy.”
How at 5am that warehouse beat is coming up like sour steam.?All over the dance floor we’re asking: can this DNA turn into something else??It’s not metaphorical. It’s explicit.?There are surgeries and fantasies and holes sweating through the wall.?It’s a question about feelings. It’s a question about who gets to risk.
But things don’t change so easily.?There’s still Monsanto, fracking and “terminator seeds.”?Every morning we wake up wondering: who’s kicking who on the street corner?
Now we have to start. We choose process over everything else.?Letting go of outcomes is another privilege.?Keep it lateral. ?We ask our friends to help.
Together we leave the village and walk down the road. The light starts exercising itself. The old sun is out in his winter jumpsuit doing sit-ups and squat thrusts between the nettles and moldy brush.
10 more! We say to him. Get shaking!
Our walk gets longer. It’s a walk in the panpipes of the body. We come to the edge. So much water. The ocean is twice its original size. We take a bunch of surveys. They know everything about us. We don’t buy what they say. We take a heap of estrogen. All around us things are howling and then we stand on the pier end. The light is pink and green and pink and green. It reminds us of home–like we imagine it could be. But when the color pancakes out over the horizon, we don’t know what we’re looking at. That’s ok. This time it’s structural.
No habits!
Of course we’re growing restless.”

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