!! OMG, “the Roman Empire didn’t collapse, it took off into outer space”: Alex Taylor’s ‘Spaceship’ !!

Launched by UK film talent nurturing project Collabor8te Alex Taylor’s Spaceship centers around a fatalistic alien apocalyptic RPG meeting group who contemplate the idea that they themselves are aliens “without spaceships” [to escape].
Thus we follow a female group member who has been told she has energetic connections to angels and relates more to creatures than people; discarding her prescribed female anatomy and gender so she may painfully and publicly ani-morph into her own imaginary creature friend [a personification of everything she wanted to be as a child], a sort of creature couture with a tail and heels to boot.
As Taylor’s docu-style short delves into the protagonist’s fantasized lycanthropy she discusses a void of affection in her younger years which she feels now towards Beanie Baby-style cuddly Alien Trilogychestburster‘ creatures who’s invasive task in life-stage is to grow inside their human host and burst forth through said host’s chest…adorable of course.
Taylor’s tale culminates in an affectionate meeting between our couture creature-come-chainsaw wielding manga maniac humanoid ‘alien’ and a fellow druid-knight in cotton armor as she expresses her hopes for a post-invasion world:

“Afterwards is like a new world, people treat each other as equals and there are no wars as we stop assuming what people are like before we’ve met them, stop judging them and start being loving towards each other”

I hear you sister; me and Molder [not scepto-Scully] and the gender variants, and the D&D geeks, and Sigourney…ish !

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