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!! OMG, BLASPHEMY! Beloved rabbit cartoon classic ‘Watership Down’ has a CGI remake now !!

…and it’s making ‘Reboot‘ look slick. This did not need to be done! We hear they’re toning down the violence. Noooo. That’s what made the original so raw and amazing! It wasn’t for children. Check out the WATERSHIP DOWN remake trailer above. Thoughts? And don’t forget to read the book if you haven’t already.

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!! OMG, SAME THO! Jamestown, NY newspaper Post-Journal makes OOPSIE with Julia Roberts headline !!

Quite the blunder, but a funny one at that! Jamestown, NY newspaper Post-Journal wrote their own headline for an AP story that they picked up this weekend about Julia Roberts‘ new Amazon show Homecoming, and their retraction after the jump! STARS – They’re just like us!


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!! OMG, gossip: Gay lover of celebrity jeweller sentenced for coke-fueled murder of a man at afterparty !!

Cocaine is a hell of a drug [gay pop buzz]

Nick Cannon tried to save Kevin Hart‘s ass by digging up female comedian tweets which use homophobic language [dlisted]

WATCH: Conservative columnist stuns ‘FOX & Friends’ hosts by predicting Trump will be indicted [towleroad]

How did Michael B. Jordan get that body? Boxing is a piece. [bet]

Gay Twitter went wild for this gay man’s transformation into a bear [instinct]

7 year-old is Forbes‘ highest-paid Youtubers list [evil beet]

Pregnant Amy Schumer keeps posted puking videos [celebitchy]

Nood doodz with foodz! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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!! OMG, RIP: Devin Lima, the second member of boyband LFO to lose their life to cancer, passes away !!

Devin Lima, member of 90’s boy band LFO has passed after a yearlong battle with stage 4 cancer. He is the second member to battle cancer, as Rich Cronin also lost his life to cancer in 2010, leaving Brad Fischetti is the only surviving member of LFO. Lima and Fischetti planned a reunion tour in 2017, but had to cancel when Lima was diagnosed and had to undergo surgery to remove a massive tumor from his abdomen. RIP Devin, and thank you for the pop contributions!

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!! OMG, WATCH: Rita Ora caught lipsyncing at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade !!

Oopsies! Looks like Rita Ora had a Mariah moment at The Macy’s Thankgiving Day parade BUT WORSE! I mean, at this point, are we even surpirsed that pop stars lipsync these things!? But still — not a cute moment to be televised. Check out the mishap above! Now people will actually know who Rita Ora IS!

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