!! Fail !!

!! OMG, Mia Goth accuser suing a24 has been arrested for fraud in the past, tweets transphobic remarks !!

James Hunter (the background extra who claims that Mia Goth kicked him on the set of MaXXXine and followed him to the bathroom to taunt him) was recently revealed to have been found guilty of fraud in the past

“having scammed many UCLA students out of cash by pretending to lease apartments on Craigslist”


He has also responded to someone who questioned him on Twitter with a transphobic remark and called someone else “a woke piece of shit”. Hmm. Pretty hard to empathize with this jerk even if he is telling the truth. Find his tweets after the jump!


!! OMG, O.J. Simpson was featured during “In Memoriam” segment at BET Awards !!

BOLD choice, BET!

O.J. Simpson was featured during the “In Memoriam” segment at the BET Awards this week.

The inclusion of one of the most famous guilty-living-free-killers on the planet threw the audience for a bit of a loop, catching many off-guard, while the Goldman and Brown families have criticized the move.

Yeah, no shit! What a bizarre decision.

!! OMG, M.I.A. debuted a conspiracy-friendly fashion line on Alex Jones’s Infowars !!

Miss Kanye is probably kicking herself for not thinking of this first.

M.I.A. continued her departure from respected musician and introduced OHMNI WEAR during a recent appearance on Alex JonesInfowars.

The musician’s new OHMNI label includes a poncho that ‘deflects electromagnetic waves’ and 5G internet.

Find out more via DAZED after the jump! (Yikes.)


!! OMG, J.K. Rowling says she won’t ‘forgive’ Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for disagreeing with her transphobia !!

In case you’re still somehow a JK Rowling apologist, some random dude just tweeted about Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson hypothetically making a public apology to the Grand High TERF and receiving her forgiveness. JK replied:

Not safe, I’m afraid. Celebs who cosied up to a movement intent on eroding women’s hard-won rights and who used their platforms to cheer on the transitioning of minors can save their apologies for traumatised detransitioners and vulnerable women reliant on single sex spaces.

Find her tweet after the jump. The hate propaganda of it all. Guess money doesn’t buy you happiness!


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