!! OMG, #SISTERHOODRATS: ‘Gurl’ by the bros of Furry Creek !!

Just when you thought you’d waxed that Furry Creek and gotten that Sisi [making-me-feel-a-bit] Sickles out from the back of your throat those rogue hairs have come poking through at the worst moment, ie. as soon as you are ‘dropping trou’…how embarassing.
The rather unsportsmanlike former sportsmen, Chad Chad and Guy Gagnier are taking loosing the competition badly so have barged back into the sour-lime-light to convince Freddy that he has to leave that abusive God-bonking floral-wearing homophobe Petunia who is the Chris Brown to his Riri
…CHILD sHE ain’t your DESTINY, gurl get outta there, you don’t need sHim in your life!

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