!! OMG have you heard: Tom Brady touches himself !!

Tom Brady touches himself. [Boy Culture]

From behind bars, Joe Exotic‘s last will and testament. [Towleroad]

Beyonce makes herstory, again. [Lainey Gossip]

The woman who took Prince Harry‘s V-card speaks up. [Dlisted]

As does scandal-plagued heiress Armie Hammer. [Instinct]

This queen needs two new thrones and a carriage. [Celebitchy]

For the man who does not have it all. [Sad and Useless]

Who cares that Kyle Richards and Cathi Hilton still aren’t talking?! [Socialite Life]

Walk this fucking duck! It eats snakes! [Ruin my Week]




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5 Comments on "OMG have you heard: Tom Brady touches himself"

  1. I will gadly touch Tom Brady’s dick anyday any time he’s hot!

  2. he can keep his small prick to himself. he’s ewwww

  3. I know this is supposed to be sexy, but it just comes off as sad to me for some reason.

  4. Nope, wouldn’t touch it ever, at all…
    Somehow, he comes across to me as the most unsexual, white-bread, vanilla, boring dude ever!!
    (And yes, I’m a white dude.)

  5. Probably not the first time since his divorce or last couple years of his marriage. I wouldn’t want to touch it!

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